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Jane Carter's Awards

Following are some of Jane's achievements within the art community the last 25+ years:

MOST RECENT (to historical):

Best in Show, Danville Art League, Juried Spring Show, 2019

2nd place, Caswell Juried Show, 2019

Danville Art League, Juried Spring Show, 1st Place 2018

American National Bank Show, 2018, Best in Show

Best Artist, Caswell Art Show, 2017

Danville Art League, 1st Place, Best in Show, 2017

Best Artist Award, Caswell Art Show, 2014, 2015 and 2016

Danville Art League, 1st Place, 2015 and 2016

Merit Award in the Louisiana Watercolor Society Show, 2013
Louisiana Watercolor Society Award in the Georgia Watercolor Society National Show, 2013
Florida Watercolor Award in the Alabama National Watercolor Show, 2013
Central Region Award, North Carolina Watercolor Society Show, 2012
Best Caswell County Artist, Caswell Art Show, 2012
Third Place, Caswell Art Show, 2012
Crooked Creek Art League Award, South Carolina Watermedia Annual Show, 2012
Alabama 2011 Online Exhibit, 4th Place, Recognition of Excellence Award
Caswell County Annual Show (Juried), 2011, 3rd Place
North Carolina Watercolor Society Award in the Southern Watercolor Society Show, 2011
Alabama Watercolor Society Award in the Georgia Watercolor Show, 2011
Alabama National Exhibit, 2011, Juried Into
Louisiana Watercolor Society Annual Show, 2011, Juried Into
Southern Watercolor Society, 2011 Juried Into
Georgia National Exhibition, 2011, Juried Into
South Carolina 2010 Show, Juried Into
Watercolor USA 2010 National Show, Juried Into
Past Presidents' Award, 2010, Georgia Watercolor Society (one of four top awards)
Georgia Watercolor Show, 2010, Juried Into
Jackson Carter Award from the Southern Watercolor Society, 2009
Peach Award, Georgia Watercolor Society, 2009 (Juried Show, one of the top awards!)
Jackson Carter Award, Southern Watercolor Society, 2009 (one of the top six awards issued!)
Southern Watercolor Show, 2009, Juried Into
Daniel Smith Award 2008, North Carolina
Watercolor Society of North Carolina, 2008, Signature Member
Danville Art League, 2008, 1st Place Award
The Georgia Watercolor Society, 2008, Juried Show, Highest Award Winner, Signature Member
Windsor Newton Award, 2007, North Carolina
South Carolina Watermedia Society, 2007, Signature Member
South Carolina Watermedia Show, 2007 Juried Into Travel Show and Award Winner
Georgia Watercolor Society, 2007 First Place Award, Blue Ribbon
All Southern States Watercolor Society, 2007 Juried Into and Award Winner, Colquit County, GA
Georgia Watercolor Society, 2007 Juried Into
Danville Art League Juried Show, Danville, Virginia 2006 Honorable Mention
North Carolina Watercolor Society, 2006 Past President's Award
North Carolina Watercolor Show, 2006 Juried Into
Harborwalk Juried Art Show, Georgetown, South Carolina 2006, Honorable Mention
Georgia Watercolor Society, 2006 Juried Into Seacoast Field Show, 2nd Place 2005
North Carolina Watercolor Society, 2002 Merit Award
Raleigh Fine Arts, 2001 Juried Show
North Carolina Watercolor Society, 2000 Juried Show
Harborwalk Juried Art Show, Georgetown, South Carolina 2000 Honorable Mention
Harborwalk Juried Art Show, Georgetown, South Carolina 1999 3rd Place
Pee Dee Regional Show at Florence Museum 1998 Honorable Mention
Harborwalk Juried Art Show, Georgetown, South Carolina 1996 Honorable Mention
Pee Dee Regional Show, Florence Museum 1995 1st Place
Harborwalk Juried Art Show – 1995, Rice Museum – 2nd Place
South Carolina Watercolor Society 1995 Travel Show, Palmetto Framing Award 5th Place
Harborwalk Multi Media Show, Georgetown, South Carolina, 1994 Merit Award
Florence Multi Media, Florence, South Carolina, 1994 Juried Show Best in Show
Georgia Watercolor Society, Atlanta, Georgia, 1993 Juried Show
State Fair Show Columbia, South Carolina, Fall 1993 Juried Show
South Carolina Watercolor Society Greenville, South Carolina, Summer 1993 Juried Show
Harborwalk Art Show, Georgetown, South Carolina, Summer 1993 Best in Show
Southeastern Watercolor, VII DeLand, Florida, Summer 1993 Juried Show
The Springs Travel Show, North Carolina/South Carolina, Spring 1992 Honorable Mention
Winyah Bay Show, Georgetown, South Carolina, Spring 1992 Best in Show
Waccamaw Arts and Crafts Show, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Spring 1991 First Place
The Art League School Student Show, Alexandria, Virginia, Spring 1991 Third Place

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